Daniel Kaye, a 30 years old British top hacker whose cyberattacks took the nation of Liberia offline, has been arrested and sentenced to almost three years in prison.

Kaye attacks on the cell phone operator Lonestar resulted in the block of the whole national internet network. The hacker allegedly had been hired to complete this attack by a top-level manager of a rival telecommunications operator, Cellcom, although there is no suggestion that Cellcom was aware of the activity. The aim was to make competition difficult, create reputational damage and acquire new customers.

Kaye’s actions caused Lonestar to spend around $600,000 in remedial action, while economic loss of customers leaving the network are estimated at tens of millions of dollars.

“Daniel Kaye was operating as a highly skilled and capable hacker-for-hire. His activities inflicted substantial damage on numerous businesses in countries around the world, demonstrating the borderless nature of cyber crime“,

stated Mike Hulett, Head of Operations at the National Crime Agency’s National Cyber Crime Unit.