We are getting ready for our second Cyber-Policy Lab. The first one, “Cyberrisk in the Healthcare sector”, was dedicated to the EU Healthcare system’s cyber risk. This time, we will be examining Intellectual Property-intensive industries’ cyber-risk.

Hermeneut focuses on creating a holistic, dynamic cybersecurity risk assessment model and approach to cost-benefit analysis. It starts from an integrated assessment of vulnerabilities of organisations. Then, it exploits an innovative macro- and microeconomic model to estimate consequences of cyberattacks for intangible costs. It concludes with a cybersecurity risk assessment of tangible and intangible assets for an organisation or a business sector. Finally, it provides guidelines able to support decisions related to cybersecurity investments on hard and soft measures to mitigate the loss of an enterprise’s integrity.

This series of ‘Cyber-Policy Labs’ aims to engage EU policymakers and sectoral stakeholders. The scope is to raise the visibility to our research, and define new policy approaches to cyber-risk in sectoral environments that consider our findings.

The European Organisation for Security (EOS) hosts the Cyber-Policy lab in Brussels. It will focus mainly on discussing the results of Hermeneut’s cybersecurity cost-benefit approach to risk assessment in IP-intensive sectors. In addition, it will explore how the current EU cybersecurity policy environment could build upon these findings. Through the cyber-lab discussions, we aim to garner further perspectives and policy insights from the IP-intensive sector, EU policymakers and the cybersecurity industry. The goal is the creation of an open forum in which the attendees generate most of the discussion and knowledge sharing.


The Cyber-Policy Lab on Cyber-Risk and the IP-Intensive Sector is organised by the European Organisation for Security and will be held at Brussels EOS Office in Rue Montoyer 10 on Thursday, 11 April 2019 (8:30-13:15).

Breakfast will take place during registration at 8:30am. We invite participants to join a networking lunch at 12:15 (detailed agenda to follow). For any additional information or questions, and to confirm your participation, please contact registration@eos-eu.com by Friday, 5 April 2019.
We look forward to seeing you in Brussels!