The limits of cyber insurances

Commercial espionage, cybercrime and sabotage are among others the greatest challenges for governments, the law enforcement and enterprises. The computer networks of governments, enterprises, financial and multilateral institutions, as well as foundations are under constant attacks. The scenarios […]

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How to increase organisations’ IT security?

Human error seems to be the main cause of cyberattacks, and statistics confirm this: about 95% of cyberattacks depend on human vulnerabilities. The solution to this problem is not as simple as one might think: it is not […]


Cybersecurity: health care remains hot target

Cyberattacks in the health care sector are dramatically increasing. The last Threats Report from McAfee Labs reveals that in 2017 the health care sector experienced a 211% increase in publicly disclosed security incidents compared with […]


Boeing possibly hit by a WannaCry ransomware attack

Boeing was possibly hit by a WannaCry ransomware attack affecting thousands of computer systems all around the world last year. According to an internal memo, Mike VanderWel, P.E., chief engineer of Boeing Commercial Airplane production engineering, worried the […]


Plenary meeting and Advisory Board meeting

Next week, the project’s Consortium will gather in Rome to meet with the newly formed HERMENEUT Advisory Board. The AB includes a wide variety of professionals coming from different sectors: cybersecurity practitioners, academics in the security and IT […]

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Hermeneut technical meeting

On the 19-20th of February 2018, Hermeneut will host a technical meeting in Rome.

The meeting will be dedicated mainly to the integration of three different work packages, WP2, WP3 and WP4. WP2 focuses on the analysis […]

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Which is the net reach of fake news?

Which is the real and concrete reach of fake news? A research performed by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, a globally focused research centre at the University of Oxford, underlined the evidences and the results […]

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Apple releases new cyber risk management solution

Apple has announced a new cyber risk management solution for businesses in association with Cisco, Aon, and Allianz. Apple says the new solution will help a wide range of organizations from cyber risk like ransomware and other malware-related […]