Hermeneut technical meeting

On the 19-20th of February 2018, Hermeneut will host a technical meeting in Rome.

The meeting will be dedicated mainly to the integration of three different work packages, WP2, WP3 and WP4. WP2 focuses on the analysis […]

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Which is the net reach of fake news?

Which is the real and concrete reach of fake news? A research performed by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, a globally focused research centre at the University of Oxford, underlined the evidences and the results […]

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Apple releases new cyber risk management solution

Apple has announced a new cyber risk management solution for businesses in association with Cisco, Aon, and Allianz. Apple says the new solution will help a wide range of organizations from cyber risk like ransomware and other malware-related […]


2nd plenary meeting

On the 9-10th of January, 2018 the project consortium gathered in Berlin (Germany) for the 2nd Hermeneut Plenary Meeting.

During the first day, project partners updated each other on the […]

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Do customers punish breached companies?

DARK Reading reported an interesting news on a direct measure of the damages that a data breach has on an intangible asset: “Equifax’s 25% reduction in share value and other industry-wide stats show that consumers aren’t so apathetic about […]

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Accenture’s report on the costs of cybercrime

Accenture has published its 2017 report on the costs of cybercrime.

The report offers interesting insights about the topics Hermeneut research on, highlighting that:

  1. Social engineering is lowering costs of cybercrime;
  2. Discovering attackers […]
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Cyber attack reveals clients’ secret emails

According to the Guardian, Deloitte, an accountancy firms providing auditing and cybersecurity advice to banks, companies and government agencies, was hit by a cyber-attack that compromised the confidential emails and plans of some of its clients.

It […]

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Equifax information leak

Equifax, one of the “big-three” U.S. credit bureaus, reported that a data breach at the company may have affected 143 million Americans, by providing criminals with full names, Social Security […]

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EC releases EU cybersecurity legislative package

On the 13th of September, the European Commission and the Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy have launched a package on cybersecurity strategy, consisting of several Communications […]

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