Enterprises intangible Risk Management via Economic models based on simulation of modern cyber attacks (Hermeneut) is a Horizon 2020 research and innovation project focusing on economics of cyber security.

Cyberattacks can harm intangible assets like reputation, Intellectual Property Rights, expertise, and know-how. There is a great disparity between the efficiency of attacks and inadequate defences, partly due to the lack of quantitative information for decision makers to prioritise security investments.

Fostering a culture of risk management, Hermeneut provides individual organisations as well as business sectors with an innovative methodology for the dynamic assessment of their vulnerabilities and corresponding tangible and intangible assets at risk.

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Hermeneut’s cybersecurity cost-benefit approach to risk assessment combines integrated assessment of vulnerabilities and their likelihoods with an innovative macro- and micro-economic model for intangible costs, delivering a quantitative estimation of the risks for individual organisations or a business sector and investment guidelines for mitigation measures.

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